Imagine your first year at Cal Poly Humboldt:

The North Coast of California where only 5% of the magnificent redwoods remain, provides a unique learning environment. Today, the climate crisis cannot be ignored and “business as usual” is no longer viable. The School of Business strives for visionaries who center their business goals around strategic sustainability. Join your peers to create a more sustainable future! Green to Gold is a learning community for first-year Business Students to build relationships in a cohort environment.

As part of this program, you will:

  • Classes That Count. Get priority enrollment for key foundational business courses. 
  • Instant Connections. Join a community of first-year students who are engaged and excited about your major and its focus on sustainability.
  • Hands-on Learning. Gain practical experience through field trips and projects with approachable professors and professional activities outside the classroom. 
  • Support Network From Day One. Work closely with professors, peer mentors, Humboldt staff, and professionals who will help you grow academically and personally.
  • BA 120. Business Essentials is a class that explores the core business functions, how to succeed and thrive in the degree program, and career options.
  • Humboldt Immersion. Begin your semester exploring connections to the local region, as well as the languages of problem solving and modeling, a few days before the semester starts.




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